martes, 21 de julio de 2009

Divagaciones vol. XV "en inglés"

There are certain people I like to interact with.
There are certain people I like to interact face to face.
There are certain people I like to interact by Internet.
There are certain people I don't want to be related at all.

How can I explain that?
I can't.
Maybe it's just a matter of... confidence? comfort?
Maybe with some people, I feel comfortable when I see their eyes as they speak.
Maybe with other people, the fact of seeing their eyes watching eagerly through me, makes me uncomfortable.

Maybe I like how some people speak to me.
Maybe I don't like how other people talk to me.
Maybe I don't like the way their mouths open and close.
Maybe I don't like the sound of their voices.

There are people that are worth talking to on the phone.
There are people that are worth texting.
There are people that can make good msn conversations.
There are people that deserve their chat windows to be closed.

We say we are in the era of communication.
It's true.
We say distances have been destroyed.
It's true. Everything is so close now, you don't know where your limits are.

We should be closer than ever, to people, I mean.
But I believe we are getting more and more into ourselves and not letting other people into our lives.
Well, maybe that's just my case. I don't know for sure.

Maybe I've got so stuck into technology that I don't even know who I am.

[Por qué escribí en inglés? No tengo la menor idea, pero así salió de mi mente xD... y sonaba mejor]

1 comentario:

Richard dijo...

Fairly good as always.

Different people tend to makes us feel in soo many ways, making it hard to understand most of the times.

We must always remember, that in everything that involves people, there are two sides.

One look or stare could be one thing for someone, and a whole different thing to someone else.

The one thing I can assure, is that MOST things you write about on your blog "Can't be explained", cuz they are the written version of your thoughts and feelings. And that pair is every person's biggest puzzle.

PS: Mas posts en ingles xD

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